1. Complete Floor Stripping may provide a quotation over the phone without viewing the site. We will assume the client has accurately measured the area to be removed. If the area is larger or the job is more complex than expected then the original quotation may be exceeded.

2. Removing floor coverings produces large amounts of noise. Complete Floor Stripping recommends that neighbours are notified in advance.

3. Please ensure unobstructed access to the work area/s is provided. Reasonable care will be taken however Complete Floor Stripping will not be liable for any damage incurred to items left in or near the work area.

4. Ensure all external windows and doors can be unlocked and opened to allow proper ventilation.

5. Removing floor coverings usually produces a substantial amount of dust. Where practicable dust extraction units are used however this will not completely remove all dust. Steps should be taken to minimise damage due to dust exposure.

6. The act of removing floors or wall coverings may cause damage to the pad, sub floor or wall render. If the pad, sub floor or render is inadequate then work may need to be suspended until the owner or client is notified. Complete Floor Stripping will not be liable for repairs or damage that may have been caused by an inadequate or deficient pad, sub floor or wall render.

7. While all care is taken, please be aware that skirting boards may become damaged in the process of removing your floor. Damage is rare but occasionally happens, and it may be better to remove them completely.

8. In commercial/industrial premises it may be advantageous to remove floors after hours. This will reduce the risk of complaints from neighbours and the possible suspension of work. If work is suspended for any reason or period including complaints, Complete Floor Stripping reserves the right to charge for standby time.

9. Customer to provide adequate 240V power and ensure our onsite workers are informed of the power box location in case there is a need to reset any circuit breakers. Normal 10Amp power is usually sufficient for our power tools.