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Tile | Ceramic | Marble | Porcelain | Slate | Terracotta

Complete Floor Stripping’s specialists are experienced in removing all types of tiles and adhesives,  each type of tile requires a specialised method of removal. Complete Floor Stripping has specialists that have over twenty years’ experience in laying tiles, if anyone knows how to remove them it is us!

Concrete Grinding and Sanding | Dust Extraction

In most cases once your flooring has been removed your concrete slab will require grinding and sanding to remove old adhesives, glues, paints and other contaminants. This will ensure your concrete slab is clean and porous for the new adhesives and glues to bond to, increasing the durability of your new flooring.

At Complete Floor Stripping we are focused on ensuring there is minimal dust during the grinding process.

Commercial ‘End of Lease’ De-fit

We are your specialists in commercial rental/tenancy end of lease de-fits whereby we can remove and restore the shop/warehouse back to its original condition by removing flooring and other additional fit outs as required.


Each type of timber flooring is laid using a different method, glue and underlay. Our specialists are able to determine the method the timber was laid in and establish the most efficient way to complete strip. Specialised techniques and tools are used for timber floor removal, and we will grind and sand the concrete slab preparing it for your new flooring.


Vinyl removal can be quite tricky and require a special method of removing the adhesive that was used to secure the flooring to the concrete slab. Our specialists are experienced in this method and will remove all remnants of adhesive preparing your concrete slab for a new flooring.


Removing carpet can often be messy and hard work, our specialist with years of experience are able to efficiently remove carpet and underlay. With most carpet removals there will be an adhesive that will require removal, we are prepared for this and will expertly remove and prepare your slab for new flooring with grinding and sanding.


Removal of cork flooring requires specific tools and the experience of our specialists. Cork flooring is often laid with a strong adhesive that can be difficult to remove, or will have a sub floor that also requires removal. Being experienced in complete floor stripping we carry the tools required and are able to efficiently remove your cork flooring, adhesive and sub flooring.